Estimates, Dollar Amount Thresholds, and Approvals

Estimates, Dollar Amount Thresholds, and Approvals

The main objective of the CAN Service-Level Agreement is to seamlessly navigate a loss from cradle to grave as a cohesive team. That begins the minute a Service Provider clicks the accept button in CVM (CAN Vendor Management).

Your job as a Service Provider is to assess a claim scenario, collect data for the claims staff member assigned to your loss, and deliver an exceptional experience to that person as well as our policy holder. Three key points connected to that experience which you have a direct impact on are:


Accurately identify and estimate the potential expenses on the loss you have agreed to service.

Be aware of the dollar amount thresholds attached to your assignment. You are required to pause and take specific action when a loss has the potential to exceed that dollar amount. The key word is “potential”.

Example: On a water mitigation assignment, the threshold is $5000. If you believe your services “might” exceed this amount, you are required to notify [email protected] in writing. You must include a detailed proposed scope and a dollar amount estimate of the potential services you are proposing to render (see Estimating section of your SLA). A seasoned service provider generally knows this potential after completing the initial inspection and delivering the required 24-hour report via CVM. It is strongly recommended you address your dollar limit threshold with CAN at that time. This will avoid overlooking the requirement after you fully engage in the loss.

Seek out and receive the required CAN approvals in writing via [email protected]. This is part of your SLA with CAN. It is separate from any conversations or approvals with your assigned Examiner/Desk Adjuster. Their assumption is you are in compliance with CAN SLA’s at all times. Your responsibility as a CAN Service Provider is to ensure their assumption is a reality. The best way to make that happen is to understand your requirements on a service type before you accept the job in CVM.

These three items will swing a claim experience to a positive or negative outcome. Focusing on them each and every time you accept a loss will secure the best opportunity to achieve our main objective. Please review your areas of responsibility in the SLA regularly and train all team members that interact with our policy holder’s to do the same.

We are here to help 24/7/365 if you need additional training or a general SLA refresher. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional training on this or any other CVM systems topic.