Contractor’s Alliance Network (“CAN”) is the exclusive vendor network manager for Heritage Property Casualty Insurance Company ®, Narraganset Bay Insurance Company ® and Zephyr Insurance Company ®. We offer over 65 different claims services, dispatching assignments in 16 States across the nation. Since our humble beginnings in 2012, our vendor network has grown to include some of the insurance industry’s most respected brands. And while we love our larger vendors, we treat our smaller vendors with the same amount of caring and respect. We also understand what drives your business, that’s why our vendor network enjoys so many membership benefits. Conversely, if you’re a vendor that shoots from the hip, unable to follow SLAs, or prefers to do things your own way we’re probably not the vendor network for you. However, if you’re a best-in-class vendor that values long-term partnerships that require mutual commitment, we’re interested in speaking with you.