What is CAN?

Contractor’s Alliance Network is the exclusive vendor network manager for Heritage Property Casualty Insurance Company ®, Narraganset Bay Insurance Company ® and Zephyr Insurance Company ®. We offer over 65 different claims services, dispatching assignments in 13 States across the nation.

Is there a membership or annual fee to join Contractor’s Alliance Network?


What are the minimum requirements to join Contractor’s Alliance Network?

Below is our minimum requirements to join CAN:

      1. In Business for 2-years (minimum)
      2. Minimum Insurance Requirements
        1. General Liability $1,000,000
        2. Automobile Liability $1,000,000
        3. Workers Compensation $1,000,000
        4. Umbrella (at CAN’s option) $1,000,000
      3. Background Check
      4. Financial Health Check
      5. Active and Current Business Licensure (depending on Specialty or Trade)
      6. Specialty Credentials in Specific Trades (i.e. IICRC, GC, etc.)

Do you limit the number of contractors in your network?


Is there any costs or network discounts required to join Contractor’s Alliance Network?

As previously stated, Contractor’s Alliance Network never charges a membership or annual fee. However, we do ask for a modest discount off non-flat rate services.

Does Contractor’s Alliance Network have their own proprietary system of record, similar to other vendor networks?

Yes, Contractor’s Alliance Network has its own proprietary system that all members must use. It is the way we dispatch assignments and process your invoices. However, this system is not designed to take place of your personal Project Management system.

Does Contractor’s Alliance Network provide any guidance or training?

Yes, it’s important to us to make sure your experience with Contractor’s Alliance Network is as pleasant as possible. From the moment you apply to join our network, you’ll have several dedicated employees whom will be with you every step of the on-boarding process. Once your membership is approved, we’ll hand walk you through your first couple of assignments to ensure a smooth transition.

How will Contractor’s Alliance Network pay my invoice?

Approved invoices are processed through an Electronic Funds Transfer directly into your specified bank account.

How do I apply to Contractor’s Alliance Network?

Either fill-out the informational form here or or call us at 727-726-6767

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