CAN SLA and Time Goals

Time GoalsPart of the evolution of Contractor’s Alliance Network is providing a consistent claim experience for our policy holder’s regardless of geographic region or brand. A key to that philosophy is Time Goals. Time Goals are written and specific parameters attached to the various tasks associated with an assignment. From the time when you make contact with a policy holder, to when you upload your invoice, most progress levels of a claim are connected to a Time Goal. Each Service Provider (YOU) delivers a variety of Service Types.

The CAN Service-Level Agreement breaks many of those Service Types down individually. It is important that you and your staff take the time to review each and every Service Type your organization provides. Understanding the expectations gives the best chance to achieve a 5-Star Service experience. We have summarized some of the key Time Goals below. Before accepting an assignment, verify you can achieve the parameters.




There are additional goals throughout the SLA document. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for a more detailed discussion.

• Accept or Reject an Assignment in CVM = 30 minutes

• Arrive onsite for customer that request immediate emergency services = 2-4 hours

• Call prior to arriving at a customers home = 30 minutes

• Upload your initial report (aka 24-Hour report) = By 5pm the following business day of your inspection

• Upload your invoice = By 5pm the following business day after exiting a loss

• Onsite Peer Review inspection = 7-10 days maximum

• Upload an Estimate assignment = By 5pm the following business day of your inspection


As always, please reach out to us with questions, comments, or concerns on this or any topic.